History of Zuppardi’s Apizza, West Haven, CT

Apizza Fact #3

Domenic Zuppardi started his own bakery and pizza business in 1931. This business he co-owned with his brother-in-law Andrew Esposito and the restaurant was in New Haven and called Salerno Baking Co. Three years later in 1934, Domenic bought a failing bakery at 175 Union Avenue in West Haven. The bakery also had an apartment upstairs, so Domenic and his family moved in and started a new bakery: Salerno’s Sanitary Bakery. At the bakery, he sold bread and pizza. In 1947, Domenic suffered a stroke and his oldest son Tony took over the family business after returning from WWII. When Tony took over the business, he changed the name to Zuppardi’s Apizza and it still stands to this day.

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