New Haven Pizza School

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 Learn how to make New Haven Style Pizza

  Classroom, Team Building, Lunch & Learn

1:1, Friends & Family

Ooni and Wood Fired Oven Training

for available dates please contact me at

How to Pay for a class/Gift Card

Venmo me $125 per person, please include your email in the notes field, tell me it’s for a gift card and I will send you a numbered electronic gift card to your email address. My Venmo handle is @newhavenpizzaschool (9126 last four of my cell).


Cancelation Policy

48 hours notice before the beginning of the class time you signed up for or you can gift the class to someone else for that night/day.  Class will be held on snow days outside of a blizzard or State mandated no travel.  Only exceptions are major family emergency.


Have you always wanted to learn how to make (dough, sauce, assemble & bake) New Haven Style Pizza?

We are New Haven Style Pizza Making Experts.

Brick & Mortar, Team Building (both Learn or Make), Lunch & Learn, Date Night, 1:1 and Friends & Family classes offered each week. 

Gluten Free Classes can be added to any option as well.

This class will show you how to make the perfect New Haven style pizza right in the comfort of your home or our wood fired oven in New Haven.  We also do Ooni (or equivalent portable oven), Wood Fired Oven and standard gas/electric home oven training as well.

Learn Style Classes

I will teach you how to make the dough (you get the recipe and what I have create called a “cheat cup”), the sauce, how to assemble the pizza (stretching the dough, adding the cheese and olive oil), and oven tips and tricks such as launching the pizza correctly and how to turn the pizza for an evenly baked crust. I also will teach you some history of New Haven pizza from lingo, fun facts, and tips and tricks. This class is packed with apizza value! 

Make Style Classes

I also offer a class that allows people to simply make a bunch of pizzas for fun.  ZERO instruction other than assembling the pizza.  This is an option for people who don’t want to learn how to make the dough, sauce, stretch, assemble and just want to have fun make a pizza once in their lifetime.

Class time is 3 hrs.  Brick & Mortar classes taught in New Haven, CT.

There are 4 class options:

The Ultimate Pizza Making Experience

The cost for a mobile pizza class is $1,250 for a group up to 10 people. The standard class includes all the ingredients for making a mozzarella pizza (1 per person). If you would like to provide additional toppings, feel free to do so. If you are looking for a traditional catered pizza party please contact me.

For the 2022/23 season, I will be traveling to the following towns and the training must be done on private property. Anything outside of these cities and towns listed below will have a $100 per hour travel fee both ways.

Milford, West Haven, Orange, Stratford, Shelton, New Haven, East Haven, Branford, North Branford, Guilford, Hamden, Derby, Trumbull, Woodbridge, Ansonia, Bridgeport, Fairfield, Wallingford, North Haven, Monroe, Northford, Madison, Bethany, Seymour, Oxford.

Other class options:


1:1 training at your home/business with your oven for $125 hr. with a 4 hr. minimum. Outside of the below cities/towns a $100 travel fee will be charged in CT. Outside of CT, a $100 hr. travel fee with be charged to and from my home in Milford, CT.


Corporate team building/lunch & learn events are available as well, Monday through Friday. Get your workforce together to eat from the same pizza! We can get very creative with this, some examples would be a best pizza making contest, most creative pizza, New Haven Pizza trivia, etc.


Brick & mortar location in New Haven, CT for a group of individuals who want to take class, but do not want to do 1:1 and do not have a group of people to get together. All classes are Monday nights, 6-9 PM.  Sunday afternoon classes coming soon. Please send me an email at for all the details and open class dates.  Cost of class would be $125 per person for a 3 hr. class.


Zoom class – Coming Soon. Please send your email to  polishpiz@pizzagavones.comand I will add you to the zoom list if I can make this the quality I am looking for.

For the 2022/23 season will be traveling to the following towns and the training must be done on private property. Anything outside of these cities and towns will have a $100 per hour travel fee.

Milford, West Haven, Orange, Stratford, Shelton, New Haven, East Haven, Branford, Hamden, Derby, Trumbull, Woodbridge, Ansonia, Bridgeport, North Haven, Monroe, Bethany, Seymour, Oxford

The Class will include the following:

1. Brief history on NH Pizza

How it all began

Where it all started

Who started it

Generations of pizza makers

2. How to make the dough – KISS

Is it really in the water? LOL

Different flours and why

Mixing technique



Time in the fridge

3. How to stretch the dough

Knuckle stretch

Bench stretch

“Knucench” stretch – hybrid between knuckle and bench stretch

4. Pizza assembly





5. Launching the pizza

Peel prep

Shake & bake

How to practice on your own using pizza dough or a “practice dough”

6. Baking the pizza

Set time before turning pizza the first time

How many turns

“Testing” to see how much longer the pie has to bake

How to “read” the pizza

Char v burnt

7. Cooling the pizza

Cooling rack

8. Eating the pizza

No knife or fork please!

Unevenly cut slices

Foxon Park Soda

9. Q & A

Pizza oven making options:

A. Wood fired oven – mine or yours

B. Ooni or other portable oven – mine or yours

C. In-home personal gas or electric oven with a broiler

D. BBQ grill


** Please note this is NOT a pizza party where you can invite 50 guests. You can invite people over after or at the end to try your Apizza, but only the paid class participants can be active (making the dough, assembling the pizza, etc.) in the class.

NYBERG: Mobile unit, man teaches people how to make pizza