A Pizza Gavone Story

Our Story

What began as a simple distraction from Covid, politics and negative media has turned in a very short time into The Pizza Gavones, a comedy trio that does pizza reviews where the pizza, place and personality of local establishments are discussed. These three guys, The Polish Pizzaiolo, Donnie Spocks and the Gorilla Gavone have been lifelong friends from West Haven, CT (the second pizza capital of the world, right next to New Haven!). Each brings their own expertise and humor to the reviews. In 8 months, The Pizza Gavones YouTube Channel has grown from zero subscribers to over 1,350 and is growing by the day. Their Facebook Group, All About New Haven A’pizza currently has over 8,900 members. The Gavones were also recently interviewed by Ann Nyberg on WTNH Channel 8 TV in January 2021.

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