The Pizza Gavones Take Out Apizza Trip Tip

Tired of soggy take-out pie? Follow these easy steps!

Nobody likes to eat a pizza that’s been sitting out for a long time, especially New Haven-style.

By following these easy steps, your pie will be as good as when it came out of the oven!

You will need…

To make sure that you have the perfect tools for your pizza, invest in a great pizza cutter. Order your pizza unsliced from your favorite apizza joint, just trust me!

You will also need an oven. Make sure you set your oven to 500-550 before your pizza arrives.

The next steps

If you’re picking up your pie, leave the top of the box open or cracked at a minimum for the ride home. This allows the pizza to not steam and get soggy. If you have multiple pies, spread the boxes out over the back seat.

Once you get home, or the pizza has been delivered, rip off the top of the pizza box and use it as a “peel” to launch the pizza onto the oven rack or sheet pan.

In the oven it goes

Since your oven has been pre-heated, set a timer for 2-4 minutes. At the last minute, put the oven on broil.

Once your pizza is done, take it out of the oven and let it cool off on a cooling rack for about two minutes.

Now, your pizza is as good as new. If you’re feeling it, throw some fresh parmesan on top. Mangia!

You will be so happy after you use this method above. Thank us later.


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