The Pizza Gavones Take Out Apizza Trip Tip

This is the best way to re-heat/prepare your take out pie! That pie will go from good to great in 5 minutes, 100% guaranteed.

  • Buy a pizza cutter for home if you don’t have one already. $10-$15 investment.
  • Order unsliced pie(s) for take out from your favorite apizza joint.
  • Set oven to 500-550 before you leave to go to pick up apizza so oven is pre-heated when you get home.
  • When you pick up pie(s), if you can, leave box top(s) open or cracked at a minimum for the ride home. Spread boxes out on back seat. A closed box is the worst thing for apizza.
  • Rip off top of the pizza box and use as a “peel” to launch the pizza onto the oven rack or cookie sheet pan. Worst case, cover rack with Aluminum foil.
  • Trow the pie(s) into the oven for 2-4 minutes each, last minute put broiler on.
  • Use the pizza box top “peel” again to retrieve the pizza from the oven.
  • Take out of oven after 3-5 minutes total.
  • Cool off pie for 2 minutes on cookie/baking cooling racks.
  • Slice that sumabitch up and mangia!

You will be so happy after you use this method above. Thank us later.

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