Don Cretella, a.k.a. “Donnie Spocks”

BIO: Don Cretella, a.k.a. “Donnie Spocks”

Donnie Spocks grew up on the mean streets of West Haven, CT and got his pizza anywhere he could find it…Danny’s Expresso, Tom and Pat’s, the Our Lady of Victory carnival, the Notre Dame cafeteria and even hit the Little Cesar’s with the Polish Pizzaiolo for late night Crazy Bread.  He put himself through college by challenging the Metagones (non-Italians) to see who could eat the hottest slice of apizza without flinching. He remains undefeated to this day.  “I’ve never seen anything like it, “said high school guidance counselor, Patrick Clifford.“  I knew he had a future as a Gavone…even back then.”  Donnie Spocks really put himself on the pizza map when he married into apizza royalty back in 1994.  Mrs. Spocks is the great-niece of Lew Cenotti of Lew’s Apizza in West Haven.  Lew developed what would be the first frozen pizza ever.  You can look it up!  You can usually find Donnie Spocks in one of his favorite pizza parlors in West Haven or New Haven, drowning his sorrows in mozz and mushrooms, “My kids,” he will tell you, “they eat Dominoes and Chef Boyardee.  Where did I go wrong?”  If you run into him at Mike’s or Modern Apizza, give him a pat on the back.  Let him know he did the best he could. Some kids are beyond help.

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